Sunday, January 31, 2010

Steal of a Deal

WOO HOO!!  I am so excited.  I am just starting to plan my daughters First Holy Communion.  I just love having parties.  I have been talking to some mothers lately and getting scared at the thought of how expensive a dress and accessories will be.  Some of these mothers are so caddy it's pathetic.  I hear stories of how some dres shops will ask these mothers what church are you from and say well don't look at these dresses because someone else will be wearing it.  WHO CARES!  So anyway I took my daughter to this boutique that was going out of business (they deal with our church)  one of a kind dresses going for 400 bucks were only 50!!  Of course I couldnt find anything we liked let alone in her size so that was discouraging.  I decided to take a ride to the Staten Island Mall and hit up JC Penny (another mother told me to check it out). 

When my daughter and I seen the dresses I was singing alleluhia.  The most expensive dress I seen was around $140 bucks.  We took a handful to try on and after she tried on the 2nd dress we both said that was the one.  Now mind you, when I showed it to the little Demon Diva "eww I don't like it" she says.  Too bad your trying it on any way cause Mama said so!  Go to the register and I was expecting to pay $70 bucks..even asked the woman if there were any coupons and of course there weren't was on sale and I snagged it for $42 bucks!!  I was doing a happy dance.  The more I save the more people we can have at the party.  We can talk about that topic another day as we really start getting into the nitty gritty of this party planning. 

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