Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not some Ordinary Friday night dinner

So Friday started out as any typical day.   A bunch of kids stressing me out, dog barking, and that much hated question of the day "What are we eatin dinner?"   Friday nights is our busiest night of the week....I babysit until 6pm, daughter had Brownie scouts at 4, son has karate at 6 and boyscouts at 7:30. The night doesn't wind down until 9pm.  We decided to skip karate that night and go to TGI Fridays but then would have to rush to Boyscouts when we were done.

First we had to wait about 15 minutes, then once we were seated my husband was teasing my daughter about something.  She is almost  8 and I seriously think she has PMS!  He kept bothering her so she said "Leave me alone" and wacked his glasses of his face.  So the husband caught an attitude then she was upset and I was annoyed because they are both stubborn.  The more I would say to him come on lets have a nice dinner he would just say leave me alone. 

Almost done with appetizers when suddenly my sons jumps up with hands on his throat.  Now let me tell you a little bit about me...I use to be a volunteer first aider and rode in an ambulance (where I met my huband)  I can handle blood and guts (except puke)  but when it comes to my family  I am a lunatic.  My husband and I stood up.  I was facing my son and my husband was in the back of him just about to do the heimlech.  My son looks  at me dead in the eye with absolute fear.  I wanted to start screaming  HELP  HELP  MY SON IS CHOKING.   I don't know how but I managed to keep my compsure.  I tried to assure him he will be ok...we will help him...don't worry.  My son has choked before and he normally runs like a crazy chicken and we have to try to catch him to help him.   He was able to walk away from the table and got up whatever was choking him.  (Mozzarella stick) 

He came back from the bathroom and he was so upset.  I tried to comfort him and my husband kept telling me to leave him alone.  I will not!!!  If you know my husband  he doesn't like any attention brought to him.  My son then tells me he lost his appetite because he was embarrassed and wondered why everything happened to him.   I just wanted to cry with him.  My poor baby.  Of course I told him there was nothing to be embarrassed about and he was my miracle from God.  God wouldn't take my miracle away.  Now if you know my don't mess with that kids food.  It had to be killing him not to be able to eat.  After about 5 minutes of having no appetite it suddenly came back and he ate.   We never made it to Boyscouts....he was traumatized....My husband asked him today if he wanted mozzarella sticks.  Bastard!

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