Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome to Just Call Me Lucy

Hi and welcome to Just call me Lucy. After talking with another mother that I met at a friends house, she got my wheels spinning on becoming a blogger. Just call me LUCY! (Ricardo that is) I'm always looking for ways to earn and save money. You won't see me trying to to make a Vita Vita Vegeman commercial or working in a chocolate factory but you may hear about my the trials and tribulations of life, the adventures in babysitting and  being a wife, mother, and chief domestic engineer of my home. Once I get the hang of blogging and building this blog you might even hear me talk about things I purchased, places I visited or experiences I had.

Well I am off to start a new adventure for the day.....trying to find the new pillows for my bed! It seems like I can never find the right one that is comfortable to sleep with and in my price range (CHEAP)

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