Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh how I love my magazines

Just about 2 years ago I started subscribing to a magazone called ALL YOU.  I only ordered it because it was one of the cheapest subscriptions that a friend was selling for her kids school fundraiser.  I am an avid magazine reader/hoarder.  You mess with my magazines and ya might as well be punching me in the face.  I dont know why I love them so much but i always have to buy them when I am at the grocey store.  I recently started hiding them in my car or underneath other papers in the house because my husband has had it up to his eyeballs with my obsession.  I just can't throw them away or give them away until I have read every single sentence.  It actually breaks my heart when I throw them out. Up until a fight we had 2 years ago I actually had brand new Parenting magazines still in the plastic from when my son was born.  He is 11 now!  I probably threw out more than 100 magazines that were stockpiled on my side of the bed.  That whole night I fellt like someone died.  After a few days it felt good to rid of the clutter.  Fast forward two years later....I have another 100 or so back on my side of the bed!!  I just can't help it.  Magazines to me is like crack to a junkie.  I JUST HAVE TO HAVE THEM! 

Anyhow, I really love ALL YOU  it has lots of little articles, lots of recipes, diet and exercise tips, fashion tips and the best this is COUPONS!!!    According to an article that I read in ALL YOU magazine they
"Pass on your baby clothing, gear, toys, maternity wear and more to local parents, and find items you want that others are giving away. Freepeats is an easy, convenient way to recycle baby, kid and maternity items with a lot of life left in them."

I love Hand Me Downs! Check it out!!!!

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