Thursday, January 28, 2010

Am I getting Old or Do I have the right to be angry

I was so shaken up today.  I was on the way to pick up one of my charges from pre school and I already had 2 babies snuggly strapped into their carseats.   I was driving past a train station and there was a bunch of catholic school kids who must have gotten out of school early (it was only 10:30am) Suddenly BAM!!  My car got hit with a huge snowball on my front windshield.  I immediately stopped the car short, got ot of the car and screamed "Are you a bunch of A$$holes?"  I have two babies in the car and you could have caused an accident."  I then proceeded to tell them that I was going to call the police.  One of them apologized but he wasn't the one who threw the snowball.  They probably thought I was a loon and laughed when I pulled away.

I finally got to the school with my heart racing and I actually dialed the precinct but then quickly hung up.  For those of you who know that my hubbys job is to protect and serve I figured if I made that call I would never hear the end of it from him.  It's bad enough we had an argument over pictures that were on my son's facebook page and he was calling me a snitch for calling the other kids parents.  I could only imagine what he would have said to me if i called the police for these teenage idiots. 

Anyway as I was sitting waiting for my preschooler I started saying to myself  am I getting old?  Did I over react?  If I was in an accident those kids are my resposibility. 

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