Monday, August 30, 2010

Free preview Disney Movies on Demand Labor Day weekend


If you don't have Disney Movies on Demand...then this weekend is your chance to preview the channel.  From September 2nd -6th if you have Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Cox, TVN, Blue Ridge, Sudden or Charter cable service you will get a free preview from Sept 2nd - 6th. FREE DISNEY MOVIES ON DEMAND

Was my face red!!

So this morning as I was blow drying my hair....POP...the lights went out.  I ran downstairs to see if we popped a circuit.  I seen one circuit that was orange and I switched it back.  Still no lights.  In a panic I called Mr. Amazing to see if he was on his way home from work and then I called the electric company to report the problem and they were sending someone out.

When Mr. Amazing gets home and he checks the circuit breaker...POP...the lights go back on!!  He said I didn't turn the MAIN switch on.  How the heck am I suppose to know that?   Now he wants a pat on the back for being Mr. Fix It.  I only know to turn the ones that are orange.

The man from the electric company was happy he didn't have to work and my face turned red from my dumb blonde moment.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Post It Super Sticky Notes sample pack

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Monday, August 23, 2010

My boring vacation and My Weekly Menu Plan

My kids have been in Florida with their grandparents since the 11th and will not be coming home until September 1st.  Although I am enjoying the down time...I miss my kids like crazy. 

My husband also had this week as a vacation pick from work. and I chose not to babysit.  I really could use that money but I needed a mental break from those kids..This truly has been our very 1st staycation.  When I was working a regular job we had taken a week off while the kids were in Florida to do house projects or little getaways.  We just had our concrete done over the summer and the bathrooms done last summer.  Mr. Amazing and I have been spending alot of time together though.  Money is super tight so it has been super Boring!!!  There is only so much swinging from the chandeliers you can do!!  We ran errands, watched a few movies,  used our friends boat for a few hours and talked about our dreams.  We do laugh alot.  It sucks not having money.  He asks everyday what we can reply is "We can clean, organize, watch tv or sleep"   What can you do with no money?  We are not outdoor type of people, he hates the beach and everything else requires money.  We have a pool but the weather here has been crappy.

When Mr. Amazing is bored he plays on the computer or playstation or dreams up new recipes to make.  He did make an amazing vodka sauce the other night.  Mr. Amazing does most of the cooking around here because #1 I hate cooking and #2 I cook the same things all the time.  He likes variety and trying new things. That is hard to do since my kids take after me and we are very picky eaters. So while the kids are away this is what we are eating this week

Monday-  Hamburgers & Fries
Tuesday-  Chicken Quesadillas
Wednesday- Marinated Grilled Skirt Steak with homeade Mac & cheese
Thursday   _  Pork chops with rice and beans
Friday -  Eating out at the Staten Island Yankees game

Free Hottie Biscotti sample

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Does death come in 3's???

While I was in Arizona for Grandma's funeral,  I received an email from my cousin who I have reconnected with thanks to Facebook.  In her letter she was letting me know that her mom (my aunt from my dad'd side) was just diagnosed with Stage 4 cervical cancer last week and it had spread to her bladder and bones.  I was shocked.  My aunt was just at my daughters communion party in May dancing and having a great time.  She looked fine. My cousin who lives in Texas is suppose to fly here on Monday.
A day after I came home I found out that my friends sister died.  Earlier today I called my uncle to get an update on my aunt and to get more details of how her cancer came about and had gotten so advanced.  He told me that she wasn't doing good, the Dr's said  that she will pass any day and that my cousin is flying home tonight.

I am filled with so many emotions.  Two days after my grandma passed it was the 9th anniversary of my dad's death.  I felt bad that I couldn't be at my dad's grave that day because I was in Arizona for Grandma.  Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2000 and died 9 months later.  Now his sister was diagnosed last week and is dying.  How does that happen?  I get so emotional everytime I see my dad's side of the family which isn't that often. 

I just can't believe this is happening again.  I know exactly how my cousin is feeling.  I still hurt everyday and think about my dad every day like it all just happened yesterday.  I hope my aunt is in no pain and will not suffer.

A few years ago we lost my husbands grandmother.  That same week my godfather lost his mother who I was close to as a little girl and someone else I kmew passed away.  I am a true believer that death comes in 3's

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kids eat free at IHOP whole month of August

While I am sitting here at the airport using my brothers laptop I figured I would let you all know that the whole month of August kids up to the age of 12 can eat free at IHOP from 4-10 pm everyday with each adult meal purchased.  Thanks Living Rich With coupons for finding this deal

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My heart is broken

It is with my deepest sadness that I am writing this post.  My grandma past away this afternoon.  I feel so guilty for not beng able to fly out to Arizona in the last few days to see her. It was a tough call .  I spoke to my mom several times a day and at one point they thought she was improving and the next she would get worse.  She had been suffering these past few days.  Pain, blood transfusions, jaundice, and failing kidneys. The doctors attempted giving her dialysis but I guess she wasn't strong enough for this fight. I was suppose to take a vacation week and was hoping grandma would hang on until then.  Illness and death are never convenient.

 Financial and babysitting obligations held me back.  Damn airlines charge an arm and a leg for flights.  If they have the available seats then why not sell them fo a reduced rate?  It's not like I am making the plane make an extra stop. 

 am just waiting to hear about the arrangements before I book my flight to say my final goodbye.  The family is unsure about sending her body to Colorado to be buried next to my grandpa or buring her in Arizona.