Thursday, May 9, 2013

Alligator in my parking lot!

For those of you who know me or know about my family, we are from New York and moved to Florida a few months ago.  We are city slickers!!  When I first moved here my son watched from his classroom a gator catcher taping up the gators mouth.  Then a few weeks later a police chase that crashed less than a few blocks from his school caused it to go on lockdown because of a criminal on the run.

So this morning my son wakes me up a little after to 6 and says "Mom get up.  Daddy is outside.  There is an alligator in the parking lot under a car and you gotta take me to school"....So I jumped outta bed, ran down the stairs and outside.  Well low and behold......there was a big gator underneath my neighbors car.  Only a few parked cars away from mine!!  The neighbor had told us that when he walked out to his car at 5am he tripped over something.  He went back inside to get a flashlight and he heard a loud hiss.  He knew it was a gator.  he tripped over its tail trying to get to the driver door!!!!

Can you imagine?  I would have shit a brick...Seriously!  So we curious city slickers stood outside snapping pictures and video and waited for the police and gator catcher to get there. They measured it at 7 feet 9 inches.  As scary as it was it also was amazing to see at the same time.  Sadly the gator catcher explained to us that 4 feet and under is catch and release.  Over 4 feet they have to kill it.   My mom who has lived here 8 years and my MIL who has been here 13 never seen a gator up close and personal.  We are are less than a year and its in our yard...Whats next?  A snowstorm in florida?  Thats my luck.