Thursday, January 27, 2011

How many towels and sheets do you own?

I wrote this post last week and forgot to post it!  We are only 18 short months away from Mr. Amazing's retirement from his civil service job.  Which means our house is going up for sale this spring.  Our plan is to sell this house as soon as possible and then rent something temporarily until July 2012. Then we will be off to start the next chapter of our lives in sunny Florida.

 Despite the fact that both my kids have off from school today because of MLK holiday, they both have a terrible stomache virus and I didn't get much sleep last night because they were both taking turns geting sick during the night...I decided to get off my fat lazy ass THATS RIGHT I SAID IT... and start organizing my linen closet in between satisfying their need for gatorade.  I only have about 12 weeks to get this house in order and de cluttered so it can go on the market.  I really hate throwing things out and I don't know why.

So my question to all of you out there in blogland is this....How many bath towels, kitchen towels, and sheet sets do you own?  I organized the closet to the best of my ablity and even have a big bag of linens I intend to donate to the animal shelter.  To my amazement I have more than 20 towels, about 8 sheet sets just for my bed, 3 sheet sets each for my kids beds, and I kept about a dozen or more kitchen towels.   I probably should have gotten rid of more but I just can't. We are always having family stay with us and after last night with kids being sick I changed the sheets 3x in one night.  I know I am only gong to have to do this again with our impending move but it's a start...RIGHT?  My memory card is not working so I can't post any pictures

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2 free issues of Family Circle Magazine is offering a 2 months of Family Circle magazine at no charge.  You will never receive a bill and they do not ask for your credit card info.  I did this a few months back and the magazine was in my mailbox 2 weeks later.  Head on over HERE and fill out the form for your free copies.  Thanks Frugal Living and Having Fun

Free Mp3 downloads at Amazon

There are some really great free songs available from Amazon for free!!  Once you download them they can go right into your I-tunes library.  Just click right HERE to get your free songs.  Enjoy

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I can't beleve it been a year for my little blog

Last year on January 17th  I started this little blog thanks to meeting another mother at a friends house. I can't believe it that I actually stuck with it.  I have learned so many things such as being more coupon savvy, making our parties here at home a little more sassy, and love reading about all of my bloggy friends.  Who would have thought that so many people would want to read about me?  Not to mention all the freebies I have received throughout the year. 

I am looking forward to another great year of savings and learnng different things.  This year I am hoping to add more to my blog.  Things such as recipes, craft projects, printables.  I am not the best of cooks and I am definately not the one full of ideas to make things crafty but I sure can surf the web for the ideas or your blogs!  No worries because I always try to mention where it came from.  Thanks to all who follow me and support me.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Free Clairol color foam to the 1st 100,000 facebook fans

Head on over to the Clairol  Facebook page HERE and "Like" them to get your free box of the new Nice n Easy Color Care foam.  Starting at 12pm from January 24th until January 27th. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Free books for Kindle, Nook & Sony E-reader

Head on over to Freebies4mom and check out the links she posted to download free books for Kindle, Nook and Sony E-reader.  I believe she also posted a few more the other day if you look at her previous posts. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Justin Beiber party ideas needed

My darling little diva s turning 9 next month and she wants a Justn Beiber themed party.  I am determined to not be a last minute Nelly and start making the decorations and planning everything now.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have a tendency to procrastinate and stress myself out dong everything the day of! Ths is not going to be just a regular party....we will be going to the movies to see the Justin Beiber movie, coming home to eat spaghetti bolognese (thats Justins favorite meal), and then it will be a sleepover.  So I was thinking of doing a small scale dessert table with a purple color scheme because I was informed by my Diva that is Justin Beiber's favorite color and then I thought of trying to find a nice picture of him to put on iron on transfer paper to make pillow cases the girls can take home.  I need some ideas for party games to play, what to put on the dessert table, and I was looking for templates to make water bottle labels and cupcake wrappers.  If you have any suggestions or ideas I would love to hear them. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Free childrens clothing just pay shipping at Thred Up

A few weeks ago while I was watching the news, I heard about a website called Thred Up .  It's an online childrens clothing swap. How cool is that?  All you have to do is sign up for free, choose a priority box stuffed with clothes you would like to receive for your child, and then post up a box you want to get rid of.   I just took a quick peek for things for my daughter.  Similiar to Ebay.  People list their boxes with descriptions of what is in their box, sizes and brand names.  If you choose a particular box all you pay is $13.00 for priority shipping.  Once you sign up for this site they automatically send you 10 priority boxes.  If you post boxes up with big kid sizes then they give you credits in your account to apply towards your next box or boxs.  It's worth checking out...just click HERE and see what you can get