Thursday, October 28, 2010

Free Shout Color Catch sample

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Free Sample of Kotex

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love Swagbucks!!!

I am always skeptical of those surveys for money or earn points for rewards. BUT..I have to say...I am very impressed with Swagbucks.  I have only been blogging since January and I probably signed up for Swagbucks in March.  To date I earned enough points for $20.00 worth of Amazon gift cards.  You can use your points for a variety of items and gift cards but I think the Amazon cards are your best bet.  Once I ordered my Amazon gift cards and get the confirmation number, I then copy the number into my Amazon account.  I know have $20.00 sitting in my account just waiting to be spent.  I am going to order my first Christmas gift with that for my daughter.  She desperately wants a Pillow Pet.  I am so psyched!!  A free gift all for just installing the Swagbucks toolbar and using it for all of my searches on the web. 

There are many other ways to earn more taking surveys, buying stuff through their affiliates, etc etc.   Because I have the Swagbuck toolbar installed I get swagbucks everyday just for logging into the internet.  I highly recommend everyone to use Swagbucks.  It' so easy and so worth it.  My goal is to start using it more often to earn more.  If you like you can go through my referral link to learn more about Swagbucks and to help me earn more points.  SIGN UP HERE .  They will even give you 30 bucks to start!!  Try it can't hurt.  The more you search or utilize Swagbucks the faster the points add up to claim your SWAG.

I figured if I dont use my Amazon cards for gifts then I am going to use them for my K-cups for the Keurig coffee maker that I LOVE!!  Don't wait....go and check it out. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trade-In your old games for new ones at Toys R Us

Now through Saturday, October 16, Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us stores nationwide will offer customers the chance to trade-in any used board game (in any condition!) in exchange for a 30% coupon on a new Hasbro game during the Hasbro Big Board Game Trade-In Event.

From the fine print I read in the Toys R Us ad,  you can trade in as many games as you want but you will only receive one coupon.  This is a great way to get rid of all your old games and not having to worry about filling up your trash can.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free sample Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

My wheels are always spinning..Just like Lucy!!

Anyone who knows me,  knows that my wheels are always spinning for the next get rich quiick. (Just like Lucy!)   I just can't help it!  Could it be that I just need to pay the biils or maybe because in another life I was truly a princess or something? 

Last night I was out to dinner with Mr. Amazing and friends.  We were all talking about all sorts of things and they reminded me of some things I was pondering this past summer.  Over the summer my mom was visiting and I took her to NYC to shop.  A man dressed up as Elvis was just walking around the city taking pictures with the tourists and all he asked was that you tip him.  Sooooo you know wheels were spinning and I was thinking what character can I dress up as to walk around and have my picture taken for tips all day?  Mr Amazing just told me to shut up and thought I was a nut.  Elmo walks around the city taking pictures with the tourists so maybe I could dress up as something!

The second thing I was reminded of was someone I know was telling me a story of how they were getting married by the Justice of the Peace somewhere and how they didn't have a witness.  They had to pull some worker from the building who probably just got done cleaning a toilet to be their witness.  Sooooo my wheels were spinning  and I thought why not be a professional wedding witness!!!  How cool would that be?  I could charge like 10 bucks per wedding.  Everyone just thinks I'm nuts.  Just Call me Lucy is what I say

Do women adjust their boobs like men adjust their crotch???

I have no idea why I have been pondering this question but I just had to ask!  Do women adjust their boobs (in their bras) like men adjust their crotch??  That is the question Watson.  I don't know...maybe because I am a chubsy ubsy or maybe because I am wearing the wrong size bra but I always have to adjust.  Anyone else out their have this same problem.   How about when you have a bra and the underwire breaks?  That just pisses me off.  Bras are so damn expensive.

Ok now that I have that question off my mind I would like to hear what all you ladies out there in blogland have to say about this matter

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Can't wait to move out of Dodge

The spring can't come soon enough to put my house up for sale and move out of Dodge!! It feels like I am going to babysit forever.  I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this.   This has got to be the hardest job I ever had.  I what bothers me most is the parents. It is unbelievable at what these kids get away with at home or how spoiled they are.  Maybe the lack of consideration and thoughtlessness the parents have for me when they bring me their kids  here with fevers or terrible colds. HELLLOOOO  sick kids equals sick babysitter and all the rest of the kids getting sick.

 It is so hard trying to keep these kids busy and not letting them watch tv all day.  Today we danced around to some music.  I must sing ring around the rosie everday, london bridge and a million other nursery songs. I am so sick of listening to all these kiddie songs.  We made lunchbag pumpkins with paint and we baked cupcakes for Little Miss T who turned 2 yesterday.  Going to sing Happy Birthday when all the kids get home from school.  God Help me!!  I hate when 3 o'clock rolls around.

I have this one parent who is driving me NUTS.  Always running late and rushing around.  She makes me stressed! She practically throws the kid at me with barely any clothes on  & no shoes.  I now have to meet her at school to get Little Miss S. "Can you meet me here where I park? How can I carry her and my tea?"  PUT SHOES ON THE CHILD AND MAKE HER WALK.  SHE IS 3 YEARS OLD AND HEAVY!   The traffic all around the school is nightmare.  I KNOW that I am way too nice and a glutten for punishment. (As my friends tell me all the time) How much more can I do?   Did I mention that last week she gave me a toothbrush & toothpaste to keep here so I can brush Little Miss S teeth too?  Now she is screwing up my naptime schedule because she wants to visit with her daughter and take her to lunch or a walk.  I know its convenient on your lunch break but where is the consideration for my schedule?  I let her pay me less than the other parents and I feel like I go above and beyond.  How on earth in the nicest way possible can I tell this woman that this shit has got to stop? 

 I am just venting because I think my friends and Mr. Amazing is sick of hearing it. 

Free stuff from Vistaprint

OMG!! is offering alot of free things today that you can personalize. Items such as, tote bags, business cards, sticky notes, pens, calendars, cards & more.  All you have to do is pay shipping which is very minimal.  I think I am going to make a tote bag with a Halloween design that my kids can use for trick or treating. (Got that idea from a blogger at Couponing to Disney)  I already have one that I bought a while ago and they are very sturdy.

Free Advil from Pfizer

Pfizer is offering the first 500,000 US registrants a coupon for a FREE bottle of Advil.  I LOVE FREE STUFF!!  This offer will go very fast so hurry on over HERE  to request your coupon. 

Free sample of Garnier Moisture Rescue

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Free Shipping at the Disney store

I know you don't want to hear it's just about that time of year we all are going to start our holiday shopping.  My motto is never pay retail!!  Why not start your shopping early and head on over to  to get free shipping when you use the code MAGIC.  I always check out the clearance section first. This offer is good through October 10th