Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random Act of Kindness

So I was dumbfounded tonight by a random act of kindness.  Little Lucy and I had went to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy some sheets.  As we were on line there was a couple paying for their items.  The gentleman was extremely happy and very talkative.  I had asked Little Lucy to pass me a book that I wanted to take a peek at when this man looked at her and asked if she liked to read.  I had told him that she loves reading and reads everyday.  He became even more happy, took her hand and put money in it and siad buy yourself a book!  Of course I told him ohh thank you but no thanks it wasn't necessary.  He insisted and then proceeded to say how reading is great and can you just let me hear ya say hoo ra.  Little Lucy and I just stared at each other in shock and she was blushing.  So I whispered to her to say hoo ra and she did.  As he was on the way out the door he said Happy Holidays and God Bless.

Bless his heart for being so kind and generous.  Although I thought it was strange and how do you explain something like that to your kid about taking something from a stranger?  As strange as we thought it was, it did put a smile on both of our faces.  Something like that makes me want to pa it forward to someone else to make their day.  I almost was $9.00 he handed her.  Must have been his change from his order


Leanne said...

What a fantastic story, and person. I love this ... almost makes me want to do something like it. Pay it Forward, so to speak. Thanks so much for sharing this moment! (What book will she buy??)

Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

We were kind of pressed for time so I think I will take her this weekend to buy a book or let her use it for her school scholastic book order. Lately she is into reading Judy Blume