Monday, November 15, 2010

My 1st What's on the Menu

In an effort to save money and stop wasting food I decided to start posting my weekly menu and calling it What's on the Menu.  I have been trying to write a menu and sticking it to the fridge and then I just throw them out.  I think if I post the menu on my blog then I can go back to it anytime I want.  These past few months I really have been learning alot about how to save more money.  One of the biggest expenses I really need to cut back on is my grocery bill.  I spend anywhere between $900-$1200 a month for my family of 4 and 1 pet.  That does include personal care items & household cleaners.  It amazes me how some families like the woman on Grocery Cart Challenge blog can spend $50 a week for her family.  I can cook but I HATE cooking and I usually make the same things because my kids are sooooo picky(just like me).  Mr. Amazing does most of the cooking around here.  He is always watching the cooking channels and he is a phoenominal cook.  He should really be a chef.  He likes that I post a menu and then he knows what to make.  The only problem I have with him is that when he wants something particular or wants to try a new recipe he doesn't care how much it costs.  We can't shop like that and we should have never shopped like that.  It is a hard habit I am trying to break (for him).  I have tried to explain to him that we need to eat what's on sale and to stock up when it's on sale.  We can't eat beef everyday and the clan here doesn't really care for chicken too much.  So here is What's on the Menu this week for us:

Monday:      Breakfast (pancakes, sausage, and hashbrowns)  Mr. Amazing has a retirement dinner to go to so it's just me and the kiddies.  I love breakfast anytime of the day

Tuesday:      Chicken Marsala over noodles with a side of green beans (It's my birthday and that's my request)

Wednesday:  Chicken cutlets, yellow rice, and broccoli

Thursday:  Homeade Pasta Fagioli

Friday:      Leftovers

Saturday:  The kids and I have 2 parties to attend.....soooo Mr. Amazing is on his own for dinner  

Sunday:   Spaghetti and meatballs


Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks for the post. Now I know what we can eat too:)

Leanne said...

Love the "what's on the menu" idea. My neighbor is one of those coupon ladies who manages to save SO MUCH, and I've recently decided to try and follow her example in the groceries area too (by "recent", I mean yesterday.) So I hit the sales at a nearby store and bought 20 cans of soup for 30c each. Not sure what's on my menu this week, but I guarantee it will include soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner! ;)

Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

Leanne, thats a great way to start your stockpile!! I love soup. Have soup and sandwiches for dinner. soup and crackers for lunch. I am determined to get my grocery bill down even if all this cooking kills me!