Thursday, November 11, 2010

My keratin hair treatment review

After the treatment

  2. Before the treatment

When it comes to my hair I did it all (to an extent)!  I have colored, highlighted, permed, teased, straightened, curled and braided these lovely locks.(one of my best features in my book)  The only thing I have not done is gone short.  Well maybe when I was 8 years old because I wanted to look like Dorothy Hammil.  The past few years I have noticed that my body has changed along with my hair. I styled and washed it the way I have always done but lately my curly hair just doesnt come out right.  I have tried every product under the sun to make my curls soft and frizz free.  I started straightening my hair with a flat iron because it looked better.  With straightening your hair comes heat damage and split ends.  So I decided to bite the bullet and get the Brazilian keratin hair treatment.  My husband had purchased a gift card for me last Christmas to get it done.

I decided on the Brazilian Keratin Treatment because it's a process that is suppose to leave your hair smooth, low maintenance and frizz free.  It's great for those with hair that tends to be frizzy and responds to humidity poorly, such as mine, and it also gives a lot of added shine to your hair, so it makes it look a lot healthier.

My hairdresser explained to me that it should last about 3-4 months depending how often you wash your hair.  This tratment gradually comes of the hair naturally. So I would assume that  if you are a person who doesn't shampoo very often, you may be in luck and it will last longer. The cost for this treatment which takes about two to two and a half hours will run about $300+ depending on the length of your hair.  You also need to purchase a special shampoo that is sulfate free.  Otherwise you risk the keratin washing out real quick.  You would be looking at spending close to $500 with tip.  I have long hair (not super long) and my bill came out to $476 with the shampoo.  I actually paid $75.68 with the tip out of my pocket thanks to that gift card I had.  Thank god!!

The Brazilian Keratin treatment I had, a very light smell.  It actually smelled like a really nice shampoo.  I did notice a dull smell for the three days following the treatment, but it wasn't that bad.

I got to the salon at 3:30. The hairdresser talked to me about what to expect, looked at my hair so he could gauge my hair's condition and it's texture, and told me that I would love my hair when she was done with it. He took me back to a shampoo chair where he washed my hair 2x with a clarifying shampoo, to make it more porous so the product can get penetrate the the hair shaft more deeply.

When my hair was clean he took me back to the styling chair where he thoroughly blow dried. He went and mixed up the Brazilian concoction and came back, pinning my hair in sections and painting on the mixture with a brush until it was thoroughly saturated.

He then set a timer for twenty minutes, and I sat there and tinkered with my phone and facebooked! He came back after the twenty minutes was up blew dry my hair again with the product still in. My hair looked amazing!!  So shiny and full and flippy.  BUT.....I was disappointed because he then had to flat iron my hair to set the keratin.  It was poker straight not exactly what I wanted.  He assured me it wouldn't be like this once I wash it and style myself in a few days. 

He also advised that it was very important that I not get my hair wet or wash it for the next 72 hours. 3 DAYS!!  That was killer. My hair tends to get oily after 2 days.  I also was advised to get it wet (but if I did then just to blow dry completely)  He also told me to try not to put in any clips and if I really had to then to use a scrunchy.  Oh I almost forgot...I can't color or highlight for 10 days.

When he was done flat ironing, I couldn't believe how amazingly healthy my hair looked. Plus it was straight - really straight! Too straight for me.  I just kept saying to myself it will look different once I do it myself.  Thank god I had no where to go for 3 days.
My hair really looked good when I left the salon, however, the flatness was really hard for me to deal with. And it looked a bit duller and even flatter the next day and by day 3 my hair felt so gross and oily.  So, the 4th day FINALLY came, and I washed my hair with my special sodium laurel sulfate free shampoo. By the way, sodium is what takes the product out of the hair faster, so you cannot use any products with sodium based ingredients in them either.

I wanted to see how my hair would look curly so I blew it dry. I was too cheap to buy any style product even though the hairdresser said I can use any kind and I didnt use anything except shampoo and conditioner.  Blow drying with a diffuser only took 3 minutes.  Can you believe it?  Normally that would have taken me about 12 - 15 minutes and I definately would have had to use mousse or gel.  It did look pretty good and wasn't poker straight .  It wasn't very curly either.  It kind of looked like tousled hair.  It was shiny, frizz free and it had a really healthy look to it and felt silky smooth to the touch.  As of now I am happy to say I am glad I got it done.  Next I am going to try to blow it straight to see how long it takes and how much body I have.  I will post pics in a few days to follow up with this review.

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Nakamura-san said...

You look great! I wonder what brand were they using? I've been using Maxliss keratin for 8 months now and my hair has never looked better.

Here's their page in case you're interested: