Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween pics & election day

It was a very chilly and windy day on Halloween but they both came home with a ton of candy.  I was going to post a picture of myself with them but I thought i looked good and I thought i felt good but when I seen the picture all I saw was a big ole MOOSE!  I need to find the will to stick to a diet & exercise but I am just stuck in this terrible rut. 

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween.  On another note...I just worked for the Board of Elections yesterday.  I am the coordinator of  the polling site I was at.  I put in an 18 hour day!  2ooo voters came out and I worked like a dog.  I had to deal with clueless poll workers, broken down machines, and angry voters.  Needless to say I am am exhausted today.  I thought I was going to have an easy day just watching the 2 & 3 YEAR OLD.  BUT NOOOOOOOOO!  The Universe seems to always work against me.  All was going ok up until I dropped off the kids at school.  The two boys I babysit jumped out of the car and then my daughter.  When I went to give her a kiss she had big crocodile tears.  She said her stomach hurt.  Ok lets go home with the other 2 year old I babysit and pick up the 3 year old from her mom (the mom is a teacher at our school)  The mom tells me her child is getting sick AGAIN.  OHHH  JUST WONDERFUL!!!!  I go home with 3 kids and we all get settled.  Then the phone rings "Hello Mrs. Amazing we have your son here in the office and he claims he just threw up."  At that point all I can say is ok be there in twenty minutes.  FML!!!  Load all the kids back up and pick up my son. nothing is getting done here today and I cant wait to go to bed.

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