Monday, December 13, 2010

I have no luck!!!

I am beginning to hate the month of December!  I am just not in the Christmas mood this year.  Money is very tight and it just seems like we keep gettng hit from all ends.  Babysitting has not been steady which is making me very nervous.  Since October all of our cars (we have 3) needed some kind of work and they all needed new batteries.  Did you know that a battery cost $125 bucks a pop?  When did the price change from $50?  What car needs an inspection or regstration renewal.  Heat had to be repaired.  Now our main computer has some type of virus that I can't fix.  UUUGGGHHH!!  The list goes on and on.   

This recession is really teaching me how important it is to have a nest egg to fall back on when times are tough and for all the little murphies in our lives that pop up unexpectedly.  (As Dave Ramsey call them)  I just need to figure out how to start that nest egg. 

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Precious said...

Hi Jennifer,

You don't have to make Christmas expensive. You can do homemade presents and for kids, there are a lot of bargains right now. When we were first married and our kids were young, we had a Christmas where things we tight. We just told everyone that we would not be exchanging that year. They all understood.

As far as getting that nestegg started, just start cutting back a little at a time and actually bank that extra money. Come join us in 2011 for the Money Saving Challenge. I will be severely belt tightening.