Sunday, October 10, 2010

My wheels are always spinning..Just like Lucy!!

Anyone who knows me,  knows that my wheels are always spinning for the next get rich quiick. (Just like Lucy!)   I just can't help it!  Could it be that I just need to pay the biils or maybe because in another life I was truly a princess or something? 

Last night I was out to dinner with Mr. Amazing and friends.  We were all talking about all sorts of things and they reminded me of some things I was pondering this past summer.  Over the summer my mom was visiting and I took her to NYC to shop.  A man dressed up as Elvis was just walking around the city taking pictures with the tourists and all he asked was that you tip him.  Sooooo you know wheels were spinning and I was thinking what character can I dress up as to walk around and have my picture taken for tips all day?  Mr Amazing just told me to shut up and thought I was a nut.  Elmo walks around the city taking pictures with the tourists so maybe I could dress up as something!

The second thing I was reminded of was someone I know was telling me a story of how they were getting married by the Justice of the Peace somewhere and how they didn't have a witness.  They had to pull some worker from the building who probably just got done cleaning a toilet to be their witness.  Sooooo my wheels were spinning  and I thought why not be a professional wedding witness!!!  How cool would that be?  I could charge like 10 bucks per wedding.  Everyone just thinks I'm nuts.  Just Call me Lucy is what I say

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