Sunday, October 10, 2010

Do women adjust their boobs like men adjust their crotch???

I have no idea why I have been pondering this question but I just had to ask!  Do women adjust their boobs (in their bras) like men adjust their crotch??  That is the question Watson.  I don't know...maybe because I am a chubsy ubsy or maybe because I am wearing the wrong size bra but I always have to adjust.  Anyone else out their have this same problem.   How about when you have a bra and the underwire breaks?  That just pisses me off.  Bras are so damn expensive.

Ok now that I have that question off my mind I would like to hear what all you ladies out there in blogland have to say about this matter

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Richele said...

LOL...okay I have bras with broken underwire. I also HATE to buy new ones because they are so darn expensive. Now, I am NOT well endowed but depending on my bra I have to adjust.