Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love Swagbucks!!!

I am always skeptical of those surveys for money or earn points for rewards. BUT..I have to say...I am very impressed with Swagbucks.  I have only been blogging since January and I probably signed up for Swagbucks in March.  To date I earned enough points for $20.00 worth of Amazon gift cards.  You can use your points for a variety of items and gift cards but I think the Amazon cards are your best bet.  Once I ordered my Amazon gift cards and get the confirmation number, I then copy the number into my Amazon account.  I know have $20.00 sitting in my account just waiting to be spent.  I am going to order my first Christmas gift with that for my daughter.  She desperately wants a Pillow Pet.  I am so psyched!!  A free gift all for just installing the Swagbucks toolbar and using it for all of my searches on the web. 

There are many other ways to earn more taking surveys, buying stuff through their affiliates, etc etc.   Because I have the Swagbuck toolbar installed I get swagbucks everyday just for logging into the internet.  I highly recommend everyone to use Swagbucks.  It' so easy and so worth it.  My goal is to start using it more often to earn more.  If you like you can go through my referral link to learn more about Swagbucks and to help me earn more points.  SIGN UP HERE .  They will even give you 30 bucks to start!!  Try it can't hurt.  The more you search or utilize Swagbucks the faster the points add up to claim your SWAG.

I figured if I dont use my Amazon cards for gifts then I am going to use them for my K-cups for the Keurig coffee maker that I LOVE!!  Don't wait....go and check it out. 

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