Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My secret 60 minute a day de-cluttering challenge

So I really haven't gotten much done lately as far as de-cluttering.  I am just in this terrible rut.   TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!!  Anyway I love watching those cleaning shows and fixin up the house type shows it really makes me want to get things dome.  Then I look around and say Tomorrow is a new day.  I have a friend whose house is cluttered.  She decided to  pick one room and stay in it at least an hour every day until it's clean and organized.   As I was blog surfing today I came across a blog who says she is doing the same thing...taking an hour everyday to de clutter a backroom. 

So I have decided to secretly challenge myself and pick one room and spend an hour at least everyday cleaning.  Rome wasn't built in a day and it didn't take me a day to put all that junk there.  I really should be ashamed because I do have the time to get that done I just choose not too.  I spend alot of time with my beloved laptop especialy at night as I multi task and watch my dvr shows.  I really need to spend more time on getting rid of this junk and maybe I won't feel so terrible about things .  I already called the Veterans association to pick up a few bags to be donated.  Although I really would like to yard sale some of the crap I just can't keep holding on to it until that yard sale comes.  My 1st project is going to be tackling the laundry room.  Let's see how many hours go in to it.  I only have less than 24 months to get rid of all my junk in the whole house before our big move to Florida.  OMG!!  Will  there be enough hours in that short time span to complete this de-clutter project???


Laura said...

I wish you luck on your secret mission. At least you can admit that you can do it but have just chosen not to--I'm still in the making excuses stage. Maybe one day...

Deb K said...

I following from MBC

You can find me here~

furygirl3132 said...

I never knew just how much clutter I had until we started to move last week. A LOT of stuff got donated to Goodwill and thrown out. Good Luck on your mission. I am a new follower from FFF at Mom Bloggers Club, glad to have found you! Have a wonderful weekend!