Monday, March 22, 2010

Easy Money Maker

Everyday when I sign into my blog I do my usual blog surfing as I call it.  Well low and behold I found an easy money maker.  I wish I could remember what blog I found it on so I could give her a big thanks for posting it.  The website is called   I thought it was too good to be true.  So I decided to sign up for it and answer all the questions about myself to build my profile.  The website states that they pay every week via paypal.  I was like yeah right.  They really do!!!!  I have been signed up now for two weeks and all I have to do is click on the offers and I got paid a few cents for every click.  The past 2 Fridays I have gotten paid via paypal.  Week 1 was $1.57 and week 2 was $0.41.  It may not be much but it all adds up right? 

So I am providing you with a link to sign up.  I will get  $1.00 referral bonus for everyone who signs up with my link.  Thanks a bunch and hurry up and Join YouData  Once you sign up you can do the same thing


Brandy said...

I don't do advertising yet, so I don't really know anything about it, is it the 'google' advertising you have on your page?

Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

I joined adsense and amazon. i am still learning the ropes my brother helps me

Anonymous said...

I went to open an account but they want your cell phone number so they can send you a text message to verify that you are who you say you are. Sorry Jenn.......I wanted to get you your $1.00 bonus for signing up via your link BUT I don't do that type of thing. It's gotten me into trouble before with additional charges from my cell company.

MamaTink said...

I signed up under you Jenn! Thanks for the idea!