Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Having a Panic attack after 2 OMG realizations

My darling little diva will be making her communion in May and I already had the hall booked since last year.  I love putting together parties.  The past month or so Mr. Amazing and I have been bickering over some details of the party.  Like lets just have a dinner at a restaurant and go on vacation instead, need to cut guest list in half (was up to 150 now 120), he wants open bar since it's a Saturday night and I want beer, wine and soda to save money. etc. etc.  I went to give ghe hall some more money tonight and all of the sudden it really hit me how much this is all going to cost and why my husband was getting upset.  I made the family give up vacation for this party and then some.  I am really going to have to pump up my ebay sales even if i have to list crap everyday. Maybe even go work the corner or something! OMG

My 2nd Omg moment tonight was when I was talking to my cousin who lives in Texas.  We started talking about how we need certain areas of our houses repaired or updated in order to sell.  Mr. Amazing will be retiring from his civil service job in 2 years and we plan on moving to Florida.  Out of no where the realization hit me like a ton of bricks.  OMG my house will be going on the market in 20 months!!  I have so much to do in that short period of time.  Closets, cabinets, drawers, and attic need to be gone through.  I am a clutter junkie & hate throwing things out.  How am I suppose to prepare for this big move in such little time.  I think a panic attack is in order.   ahhhhh



Aging Mommy said...

I have the perfect solution for you that will solve both issues at the same time! Start going through all your clutter, make an inventory of anything worth selling and get posting those items on ebay. That way you get your house ready to sell AND get some money for the blow out version of the party!

Even better if you are lazy like me, just take all your sellable items to an ebay store and get them to do the hard work. I know they take a good cut of the profits but they deal with all the hassle.

Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

thx for the tips aging mommy. I know what I need to do I just lack the time or motivation. But last night it really hit I get start cracking that whip on myself. I will post my progress

Mom vs. the boys said...

Invite me over, I love to purge! I'll toss anything out~ lol

thanks for popping over to my blog, always nice to meet another Jennifer! I tried making the button in photoshop and gave up, it was too hard. Then I used Photobucket and it was sooooo easy! totally user friendly! as far as the coding and such, I'm not the girl for you lol I know when to admit I can't do something and I can't do that. I searched online for tutorials and then got the hubby to take over when it didnt' work for me! Good luck!

Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

I can't throw things out! I would rather put it in a yard sale for a buck. My friend always wants to come over and help but she is like Neicy NAsh from clean house. Thanks for the button help Jenn

Show Me Mama said...

I know what your talking about. I would suggest you start little by little in one area and then go the next. If you start doing everything at once, it will put you in shock believe me i have been there and i start to get all nervous. But you your have it all ready before you know it :) Good luck on the preparation :)

Following you back from MBC :) Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Margie Widgeon said...

Absolutely loving your OMG moments today. You will love it here in FL. Originally from baltimore myself, I dont miss the snow. Congrats on your hubby's upcoming retirement. I am thankful for his service(& the support of you and the kids..he couldnt do it without you). Following you back from,

God bless~

shawn said...

Following from FFF on MBC :)
My son's making his First Communion in May too.- I'm just having a little brunch at our house after church.

JaelCustomDesigns said...

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OMG is right! Congrats on your daughter's communion and I can't stand moving.Good Luck with everything, I guess the upside of it is that you have some time to plan and get things done before you put your home on the market.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Yea for Florida! I grew up there! I loved being able to wear flips flops year round.

Good luck with everything!

Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

Thanks everyone...I need all the luck I can get! My husband is a wonderful man & I can be such a B*tch to him sometimes. I know it will all get done, but my mind is just spinning at the thought of it

Anonymous said...

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