Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blessed to be Lucky in Love

The weather this weekend was just gorgeous.  My son went camping with the Boy Scouts and I sent my daughter to my brother's house for the weekend.  Mommy and Daddy needed some much needed time alone.  We went for massages Saturday afternoon and then out to dinner that night.  It was actually exciting getting ready for our date.  I felt like I was 18 again making sure I was all dolled up and smelling sexy!!

Part of me wanted to stay out real late and maybe go for a walk on the boardwalk but we must be getting old because we came home after dinner plopped ourselves on the couch and watched a few shows we had on tivo. It was actually very nice and relaxing.   Mr. Amazing tried keeping me awake (cause I was starting to doze off on the couch) by making coffee for us and then I realized we were out of milk. 

The next morning we went for breakfast at the diner.  It was such a great weekend spending all that time with him.  I wish we could do that every week.  After breakfast I went to a chinese auction and then picked up the little diva.  When I came home Mr. Amazing had finished doing the laundry and put it all away (something he never does)  I was shocked.  I am truly blessed to be in love with such a wonderful husband. 

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Katherine said...

What an amazing weekend that sounds like. I gotta have me a nice relaxing weekend like that!