Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine treats for my sweethearts

This year I decided I don't want to go out for Valentine's Day.  Going out to eat doesn't seem to be a treat anymore to me.  I guess because we were going out so often.  I am not in the mood for anything special and we are trying to watch our weight.  My husband is an awesome cook and I would rather have him cook dinner than go out to some overpriced restaurant that we will wait forever and the food will just be mediocre.  I have also decided to make my kids homeade treats instead of buying some boxed candy heart that will end up in the trash anyway.  They are picky (just like mom) and I have noticed that they really enjoy the 100 calorie pack chocolate covered pretzels and fight over who will eat the last I am going to make them my own chocolate covered pretzels.  Is that being cheap?   I am going to the craft store to get nice boxes and I am going to make the pretzels with sprinkles, m&m's, and non pareils candies.  I don't think its less expensive than buying boxed candy but at least its something they will enjoy espcially since it will be made with all my love!  My husband on the other hand is a different story.  He is one of the hardest people I ever have to shop for.  He never wants or asks for anything.  Since we are trying to watch our weight I am going to make a box of weight watcher candies and hostess 100 calorie cakes.  I usually buy a few of these a week since he likes something sweet after dinner.  I am fresh out of ideas.  I am also in charge of dessert for Valentine's dinner...I think I will just make my now famous chocolate cake.

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