Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dinnertime Wars

I hate dinnertime!!  HATE HATE HATE!!  IF it were up to me I would just make myself some scrambled eggs or eat a big bowl of cereal.  Mr. amazing is the cook around here (Thank god) and he really does try his best to accomodate us all because we are very picky.  (Not him)  My first born is a fast food junkie, fried, buttered and fattening and my little diva loves all pasta, rice, and broccoli.  Who eats sauce who doesn't,, who likes cheese who doesn't and the list goes on and on.   My first born only starting eating hamburger about a year ago and since then we got him to try meatballs without sauce, meatloaf and some steaks.  The little diva would rather die than eat meat. (unless its chicken nuggets or cutlets)

Anyway  Mr. amazing made yellow rice with onions (you can barely see), chorizo, and threw in some sauteed chicken.  He also made a cumin rubbed flank steak that was delish!  He made both kids try a piece of the steak...first born says" it tastes funny."..little diva says "awesome"!  She likes spicy and it was very tender.  When first born sees the yellow rice had the chicken in it before even tryig it...he said "dinner tonight is horrible"  Most days we make a separate dinner for us and separate dinners for the kids.  We eat together every night but its so hard to mak all that food.  Very rare do we eat the same things unless its pizza. 

First born tried picking the chicken apart with his fingers to get the yellow stuff off.  The chicken was soooo plain.  He thought the rice was too wet.  Well now he is in his room gagging on his tears because he is so stubborn he would rather starve.  Mr. amazing started yelling at him I was yelling at him.  He was acting like a big baby eating with his fingers like a caveman.  So now my night that was starting to look promising with relaxtion and time with Mr. amazing has heated my stress lvels back up.  Because now he will stay awake until at least midnight crying how hungry he is and Mr. amazing will not let him eat unless its the dinner he doesn't like.  As a mom  I don't want to see my kid hungry.  I would just make him something else.  I knew I should have told Mr. amazing to separate all his food...I should have known better that this would happen.  UUUGGGHHHH  I hate dinnertime because it's always a war

Dinnertime has got to change before I choke someone.  I told little diva that from now on If i have to make grilled chicken evey night that is what they are going to eat.  No more chicken nuggets and french fries

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