Sunday, December 4, 2011

Talking to our kids about Santa

I knew it was coming and today was the day.  My little Diva is 9.  She is in 4th grade and madle in love with Justin Beiber.  My husband and I were trying to hold off as long as we could telling her about Santa.  It was getting harder and harder.  The kids Is it for already knew the truth.  Whenever we were around other grown ups talking about Christmas and shopping someone would always slip and forget about the kids being around. 

As the Diva and I were getting ready to head out to the mall to get manicures she looked me deqad in the eyes and said "Is Santa real?"  I didn't want to lie so I just started asking her questions...How do you know and why do you think that....She stated that when she was with her friend yesterday shopping with her mother all her friend kept saying was " I want this and I want that f"or Christmas.  The mother just kept saying forget it and I am not spending that much"....So I told her just because your friends mother said that doesnt mean Santa isn't real.

When we got home from the mall I told Mr. Amazing about what she asked me.  We decided to tell her the truth.  We told her that there is no Santa, Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy that we were the ones who put the presents under the tree, leave money under the pillow (even though this year I forgot until 2 days later) and that we hid the easster eggs all over the house.  We told her that would never stop because we love to see the happiness and excitement  in her face.  Just because you can't see Santa doesnt mean you can't believe.  Believing in Santa is like believing in magic.  We also reminded her that just because she knows the truth she can't blab it out to everyone and she has to be mindful of smaller children.  It was heartbreaking because she got all teary eyed.  So then I asked her what made her ask this question today.  her reply "because I seen the toys r us box and it said Justin Bieber tour bus playset!"  SO it was all my fault.  I left my amazon box in the hallway and didnt realize it actually said that on the box.

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