Thursday, July 21, 2011

What do you normally tip the paperboy and the mancurist

So I am sitting here pondering the thought of how much should I be tipping my paperboy and manicurist. LIKE I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO THINK ABOUT OR DO.  Should I be tipping 20% that is custom when dining out?  Now you have to remember I live in New York and everything here is expensive. To have the paper delivered everyday it costs $4.95 per week.  Usually when the paperboy comes to collect his pay we are not home or I don't hear the doorbell.  So when he does collect I owe like 6 weeks!  YIKES!!  so I usually will give him $45.00. I really want to give him less because he pisses me off.   On Sunday mornings he doesn't deliver my beloved Sunday morning news until 10:00am.  10:00 AM PEOPLE..... I will pace at the front door just waiting like a shark.   Do you think I am tipping him enough or am I being cheap?

When I get my nails done and eyebrows waxed...which is not that often anymore (that was one of my expenses that got the axe) it usually costs me $17.00 for a pedicure, $6.00 for a manicure, and $7.00 for eyebrows.  I usually get 3 different ladies to do all these things for me.  How much do you tip?  I give the eyebrow lady $2.00, the pedicure lady $5.00 since that takes the longest, and $3.00 for the manicurist.  

Leave me a comment and let me know what you tip for services

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