Monday, July 18, 2011

I will go broke just trying to keep the kids busy

I dont't know about you BUT I need to find another way to make money just to pay for summer actvities! How on earth can I keep these kids entertained since school is out?  There is only so much pool time they could take.  I feel terrible because I just can't do alot this summer and all I keep hearing is can we go here and can we go there.  I try to explain to them if we do A then we can't do B.  I hate seeing their looks of dissappointment.  So far this summer we went to Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags. I had tickets from last year that didn't get used and I had them renewed by customer service.  Even though the tickets were already paid for I still had to pay for parking and buy lunch.  So that was $100 day.  We went away to Hershey Park for a few days.  That was our 1st vacation in 2 years.  That was a bundle but we really had a good time.

Mr. Amazing wanted to take the kids to Coney Island for Nathans Hotdogs and to ride the Cyclone roller coaster tonight.  BUT when I looked up the cost.....THATS out.  $8.oo a person to take 1 ride on the roller coaster!  $13 bridge toll, food, and how do you go to an amusement park and not ride other rides or play games?.  That is insane.  I couldn't sleep last night just thinking of all the things coming up.  My son's birthday is next week, I have family visiting us this coming weekend from Texas, and then I am taking the kids to Florida to visit my mom.  I am only staying a few days but they will stay the rest of the summer at camp Grandma.  YAY!!!  OY VEY!!  I guess I am going to have to start Ebaying again. 

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