Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My CVS shopping trip

OMG!!  CVS paid me $1.75 to take this out of their store!  Can you believe that?  I am a newbie at trying to become an extreme couponer.  I wish I could do this all the time but it can be a bit time consuming and I just don't get all the coupons like the rest of you seem to get.  I would also like to thank Cindy at Living Rich With Coupons for always posting deal scenarios, coupon match ups, and where to print coupons.  Her blog is a must read several times a day for me.  If it weren't for her I wouldn't be able to save as much money. 

So here is how I got paid to walk out of CVS wth all these products:

(2) Pretzel M&M                             2 for $6.oo
(2) Colgate toothpaste                      2 for $5.00
(2) Duralcell 8pk batteries                2 for $10.00
(2) Herbal Essence Stylers                2 for $5.00
(2) Herbal Essence shampoo/cond.   2 for $5.00
(1) Herbal Essence hairspray             1.19    (was on clearance)

Coupons used:

$5.00 off $25.00 purchase (magic coupon scanner)
$10.00 ECB from Schick deal
(2) $3.00 Herbal Essence styler wyp shampoo/condtioner
(3) $1.00 Hebal Essence shampoo/conditioner
(2) $1.oo Pretzel M&M
(2) $1.oo Duracell Batteries
(1) $1.00 off any 2 Colgate toothpaste

Total OOP  $8.25
and I received $10.00 gas card for purchasing these items.

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