Thursday, May 19, 2011

Confirmation party help needed!!!

I can't believe that my 3lb preemie baby boy will be making his Confirmation next week.  It only seems like yesterday I gave birth to him.  Now he is taller than me which ain't sayin much since I am only five feet tall!  We are so very proud of him.  I want to make him a nice Confirmation party although money is tight (when is it ever not?).  It's going to be held in my yard because it works out to be half the price of going to a nice restaurant. Hopefully the weather wll hold out.  I am looking for a Confirmation theme.  Should I go with a Memorial Day theme being it will be memorial day weekend or a more religious theme???

Anyway, I have been searching the internet like crazy for DIY Confirmation party printables.  Napkin rings, cupcake/gift tags, banners, etc.  but there really isn't much of a selection out there in cyber space unless you want to pay for it.  So if any of my bloggy friends have ideas or free printables I could use...I would greatly apprecate it.  If not then I will just have to wing it.  Stay tuned next week for my party pictures.

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