Monday, August 23, 2010

My boring vacation and My Weekly Menu Plan

My kids have been in Florida with their grandparents since the 11th and will not be coming home until September 1st.  Although I am enjoying the down time...I miss my kids like crazy. 

My husband also had this week as a vacation pick from work. and I chose not to babysit.  I really could use that money but I needed a mental break from those kids..This truly has been our very 1st staycation.  When I was working a regular job we had taken a week off while the kids were in Florida to do house projects or little getaways.  We just had our concrete done over the summer and the bathrooms done last summer.  Mr. Amazing and I have been spending alot of time together though.  Money is super tight so it has been super Boring!!!  There is only so much swinging from the chandeliers you can do!!  We ran errands, watched a few movies,  used our friends boat for a few hours and talked about our dreams.  We do laugh alot.  It sucks not having money.  He asks everyday what we can reply is "We can clean, organize, watch tv or sleep"   What can you do with no money?  We are not outdoor type of people, he hates the beach and everything else requires money.  We have a pool but the weather here has been crappy.

When Mr. Amazing is bored he plays on the computer or playstation or dreams up new recipes to make.  He did make an amazing vodka sauce the other night.  Mr. Amazing does most of the cooking around here because #1 I hate cooking and #2 I cook the same things all the time.  He likes variety and trying new things. That is hard to do since my kids take after me and we are very picky eaters. So while the kids are away this is what we are eating this week

Monday-  Hamburgers & Fries
Tuesday-  Chicken Quesadillas
Wednesday- Marinated Grilled Skirt Steak with homeade Mac & cheese
Thursday   _  Pork chops with rice and beans
Friday -  Eating out at the Staten Island Yankees game


ModernMom said...

Sounds to me like you are making good use of your boring vscations. There is something to be said for quality down time with no plans:)

Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

I desperately needed the down time. It has been nice just hanging out with the husband. We had alot of laughs