Thursday, August 12, 2010

Does death come in 3's???

While I was in Arizona for Grandma's funeral,  I received an email from my cousin who I have reconnected with thanks to Facebook.  In her letter she was letting me know that her mom (my aunt from my dad'd side) was just diagnosed with Stage 4 cervical cancer last week and it had spread to her bladder and bones.  I was shocked.  My aunt was just at my daughters communion party in May dancing and having a great time.  She looked fine. My cousin who lives in Texas is suppose to fly here on Monday.
A day after I came home I found out that my friends sister died.  Earlier today I called my uncle to get an update on my aunt and to get more details of how her cancer came about and had gotten so advanced.  He told me that she wasn't doing good, the Dr's said  that she will pass any day and that my cousin is flying home tonight.

I am filled with so many emotions.  Two days after my grandma passed it was the 9th anniversary of my dad's death.  I felt bad that I couldn't be at my dad's grave that day because I was in Arizona for Grandma.  Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2000 and died 9 months later.  Now his sister was diagnosed last week and is dying.  How does that happen?  I get so emotional everytime I see my dad's side of the family which isn't that often. 

I just can't believe this is happening again.  I know exactly how my cousin is feeling.  I still hurt everyday and think about my dad every day like it all just happened yesterday.  I hope my aunt is in no pain and will not suffer.

A few years ago we lost my husbands grandmother.  That same week my godfather lost his mother who I was close to as a little girl and someone else I kmew passed away.  I am a true believer that death comes in 3's


Momma B said...

Jennifer, I am very sorry! Cancer is a bitch and you never know what to expect with it! I pray that your family and your friend's family can find peace in all of the sadness!

ModernMom said...

Oh my dear I am so so sorry. hugs to you and yours....