Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our boat trip on the HUdson River

A few weeks ago Mr. Amazing's very good friend (Captain James) purchased a 21 foot Yamaha boat.  It seats about 9 people, has a canopy to keep you out of the sun and many compartments to store things.  We have had a wonderful opportunity this summer to go on the boat on numerous occasions.  For those few hours I am on the boat I kind of forget about all my worries and when my husband asks if we want to go on the boat WHO CARES about laundry, dishes or anything else that has to be done.

This past Sunday we were on the boat leisurely headed back towards Staten Island when Captain James spotted what looked like a small overturned boat.  We went up closer and it was an overturned jet ski.  To make this long story was a cute guy who overturned his jetski and he was not able to turn it back up.  He was clinging to life because he tire himself out.  The current was very strong that day.  He most likely would have drown even with a life jacket on. 

We towed him and his jet ski back to Yonkers and and a rope got caught up in one of our engines.  Luckily we made it back to the dock to drop him off.  He thanked us profusely before the dumbass fell off the dock 2 more times.  I am sure he was mortified.  You would think he would have stayed with us until we were able to safely leave  BUT NO!!  Dumb Ass jet skier just left.  Turns out the jet ski was his cousins.  They fixed it and put it back in the water.  The cousin had told us he made Dumb Ass stay in the car for being a wimp because he was told not to take the jet ski out that far.  That dumbass would have drowned with that current or who knows where it would have taken him if he let go of the jet ski.

We were able to successfully untangle the rope around the engine and were able to leave.  It was a scary journey home as it was getting dark.  The waters were very rough especially by the Statue of Liberty because there are ferries and ships in the water.  We hit a bad wave that kind of sent us a little airborne.  It was enough to scare me to put a life vest on.  We made it home with the guidance of the moonlight to keep us on the right path. 

Lessons learned:  ALways wear a life vest and No good deed goes unpunished

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Nikki said...

Wow, that poor moron. Hopefully next time he will either not get on the jet-ski or atleast stay closer to the shore.

Glad everyone was ok.