Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have you ever heard about Broken Heart Disease??

Early this morning I received a call from my mother informng me that my grandmother(who lives in Arizoma) had a heart attack.  Thank god she is ok and in stable condition.  Apparently whatever hospital she was in felt it was necessary to transfer her to another hospital because they were not equipped properly to give her the care she needs. 

Upon receiving numerous tests it was concluded that my grandma had a heart attack, her blood was very thick and  she also has cardiomyopathy  The Dr. had said he also calls this the Broken Heart Disease.  He asked my uncles if there was anything going on at home to have brought this on.  Indeed there is something going on (I cannot speak on those details) but it is enough to break your heart and it seems my poor grandma is caught in the middle since she lives with them.  It is not something she said or did but it involves her children.  My grandma is
old fashioned and old school...if you mess with her kids you are messing with her.  Even if her children are wrong she is right there to back them up.  

Of course I went right on the internet and looked up this disease and sure enough there it was....triggered by extreme emotional trauma such as death, armed robbery and even a surprise party.  Upon testing there is an unusual shape of the lft ventricle tht balloons outward.  Can you imagine walking into your surprise party and having a heart attack and then that damage giving you a broken heart?

I hate being so far away and not being able to see her.  I also hate that I dont have a regular job that I can take time off to see her.  I have 4 families who depend on me plus my own. is important.  You can be here today and gone tomorrow.  I have gone through that when I lost my dad at 47 years young and my mother in law who was 52 years young.  I think I am going to look into airline tickets right now. 

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Momma B said...

If you feel like you should go, you should! There is pretty much nothing else to say! I am sorry that she had a heart attack! I am no stranger to dad was 50, my niece died at 3 months and my mom was 46 when she died. It is awful! Give your grandma a kiss! It will make you feel better! Promise!