Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's on the Menu this week

Easter is over and we are all battling colds here.  Fevers, sniffles, coughing  UUGGHHHH.  What a way to start our spring break from school.  I am hoping to take the kids into the city this week to see the Amercan Museum of Natural History and maybe take them bowling or something.  Here is what we are likely to eat this week if I ever get to the foodstore to get what we need

Only until about a year ago I started menu planning.  It truely does save time and money and I think my family enjoys looking at the fridge to see what we are eating for the week (including my brother who is temporarily living with us).  He happened to notice yesterday that I didn't put the menu on the fridge and was asking for it.  He said he likes to see what I am making to know whether or not he will eat dinner with us.  If you don't like what we are having STARVE!! (or eat  But at least I know someone is paying attention to that menu I post

Monday:  We ate at the Diner since we were feeling under the weather and I wanted soup

Tuesday:  Chicken Chili with white rice

Wednesday:  London Broil on the grill, rice a roni, and green beans

Thursday:  Quesadillas (from leftover london broil) yellow rice and beans

Friday:  Homeade pizza (we are soooo spoiled!)

Saturday:  Our friends are coming for dinner .....Salad,  Sausage & peppers, Ziti, grilled eggplant & portabella mushrooms (my friend is a Vegan), and garlic bread

Sunday:  Leftovers

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