Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekly Menu Plan & my ramblings

So we are finally settled into our new temporary home.  It feels like we been here forever!  I hate the fact of not owning my home anymore and having to rely on the Landlord for repairs.  So far I had to call him for the clothes dryer that came with this house.  The first time I tried to dry clothes took over 3 hours to dry.  He came and checked and it turned out it really wasn't heating up. So he ordered me a new one within 24hrs.  BUUUUUTTT  it was a dirt cheap dryer.  Non energy effiecient and still takes the clothes about an hour and half to dry.  Then I noticed stains on the dining room ceiling (possible leak from upstaris bathroom) He came and his quick fix was to put silicone in between the loose tiles on the floor.  Apparently Little Lucy must be drip drying on the outside of the tub soaking the floor.  But the tiles were loose when we got here.  Today I had to call him because the oven stopped working!   Uggghh   We only been here a month.

Anyway here is what we are likely to eat this week

Sunday:  Roasted pork loin on the grill, mashed potatoes, sauteed carrots

Monday:     Leftovers

Tuesday:      Beef short ribs, mashed potatoes, broccoli

wednesday:   Fried chicken, orzo,  green beans

Thursday:  meatloaf, jacque peppin potatoes, broccoli

Friday:    Pizza

Saturday:  Meatballs & spaghetti, garlic bread

Sunday:  Easter dinner at Aunt Esa's house


Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy, what are "jacque peppin potatoes"? I am sure it is so frustrating having to call so many times. Just remember - this is temporary. House near the water with an amazing school for the kiddos is on the way!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Shiny Buttons!! Jacque Peppin potatoes are small red or white potatoes that are put in a large pan halfway covered in chicken broth with salt, pepper, and a few pats of butter. once they come to a boil and are fork tender take the lid off and let the broth cook down. then you kind of sear them on each side. take a coffee cup and crack each potato a little bit. my kids love them.