Thursday, June 9, 2011

How do you save your coupon savings

Saving money is hard!  Saving account....Rainy Day Fund....What the heck are those? Unfortunately we don't have any savings for emergencies and lately that is really really bothering me and keeping me awake at night. I am sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck and doing a clown balancing act to pay the bills.   I have tried yard sales but I don't make that much (I guess my junk isn't good enough), I tried ebay(but that is tedious and time consumng), even getting rid of my old crappy jewelry.  I can say that I have become better at using coupons.  I probably have cut our grocery bill by at least 40%.  Thats a huge help.  Never fails though...when I have extra money something in the house breaks down or one of our cars needs a repair. Everytime a little "murphy" pops up as Dave Ramsey calls it...we hit up the credit cards(whch are busting at the seams).  So far the easiest way I have found to save money is breaking the bills and keeping the change. Mr. Amazing and I have done this since we started dating.  At first it was just for gas money to drive down to Florida and over the years it has evolved into payng for most of our vacation or plane tickets for my son to visit his grandparents.  .  A few times that jar was well over $1000.  That was when I had a job.  I use to do the coffee run for the ladies in my office.  I would take their change and pay with my bills. 

Now I am thinking of possibly putting all the money I save wth coupons into a separate checking account.  For example....Yesterday I purchased $10.00 worth of items at the store yesterday.  I had four $1.00 off coupons.  So I only paid $6.00.  I would have spent that money anyway with or without the coupon.  I am thinking of writing a check from one checking account for $4.00 and putting into my coupon savings acct.  If the store doubles that coupon (which they didn't but on rare occasions they do) do I double the check I write?  I am asking all my lovely followers of this blog to let me know how you save your coupon savings.  f you have any other ideas to save money that would be great also.  We need to get that emergency fund started. 

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