Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What to cook and what to do this summer

Sigh.....what to do this summer?  What to make for dinner?  (I HATE DINNERTIME) if it was up to me I would have a bowl of cereal or a plain old sandwich.  I live with ultra picky kids and a husband who believes you shouldn't eat breakfast for dinner and has my kids convinced the of the same. 

As for my summer plans.....looks like the backyard and pool it's going to be!  I can't really think of anything thats inexpensive to keep five kids entertained. Two of my own and three I babysit (well I have a few...zoo, park, library, bowling, free movies) but they will tire of that quickly.  I feel depressed already just thinking of not leaving this house.  This is he hardest job in the world I ever had.  I wish I was a kid again.

My family and I are contemplating going o Canada for a few days in August.  Just have to make sure we have the extra funds

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Charla Pearen said...

I hear ya about the meal planning. I eat a potato every night b/c I can make a bunch in advance and not have to worry about it. I definitely spend lots of time planning and preparing the kids' meals. I'm impressed that you take them all these places! The most we do is drop-in centres, or the park, but I guess it's also the age. Still, I think you're brave!