Friday, April 16, 2010

My neverending To Do List

Here is my list of errnads and things to do.....Do you think I will get it all done?

  1. Bake cake to make cake balls for Bunko Tonight
  2. Pick up little Lucy's scrips at CVS
  3. Pick up Spongebob  from pre-school (4 yr old I babysit)
  4. Michaels craft store----melting chocolate for cake balls
  5. Boy scout store-------exchange little Rickys shirt
  6. Lunch break
  7. Prepare cake ball mixture & freeze a little bit
  8. dust, vacuum, dishes, some laundry
  9. make cake balls (Hope they come out good)
  10. pick up little Lucy from school
  11. take little Lucy to Brownie scouts
  12. pick up little Lucy from Brownie scouts
  13. drop off Little Ricky at Karate
  14. Leave Karate and take Little Ricky to Boy Scouts
  15. Get ready for Bunko Night
I am exhausted just looking at my list! 


Kasey said...

I'm exhausted looking at your list too! If you got everything done then you are a rock star!!!

Leanne said...

Hi Lucy! I'm stopping by from a Lady Bloggers Tea party - and your name caught me! (Major LUCY here!) Your list has so many familiar errands on it, that I wished we lived close by so I could split them with you! Hang in there . . . we'll be able to rest, when we're 80! ; )

Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

Well I got everything done except the dusting, vacuum and laundry had to do that over the weekend.

Karen said...

Your list made me exhausted as well and it reminds me of the HUGE spring cleaning list that I have to do. There just doesn't seem to be enough time during the day.

Following you from MBC. Have a great day.

Nikki said...

And people laugh and give us weird looks for saying we're SAHM's like we do zilch all day. Your list should show them just how much some of us are responsible for!!

Go you for getting most of that list done! I feel like a slob because my list was shorter and I got half of that done, LOL.

Debbie's L'Bri said...

My daughter loves Lucy. Stop on over to my blog. love to hear from you. I noticed that you do not have an email on you info page. Let know if I can email you with a question.

Love you list .. Maybe I should nickname my kids that would be fun.

Angie said...

That sounds like most of my days. The housework usually takes a back seat to the more urgent errands and then we spend our Saturdays cleaning instead of having fun. I guess I'm not alone! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I used I Love Lucy as the inspiration when designing my blog so I love the look of yours!