Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The final countdown to Florida

We are finally down to the last few weeks here in New York.  A part of me is very sad but the other part is a little excited.  I am sad to leave my family and friends and everything I have ever known.  I am excited because hopefully life as I know it should get better (financially) and I will be closer to my mom and husbands family.

I don't know if my kids realized it yet but their summer will be cut short because school starts  in Florida the beginning of August.  I feel bad for them.  I know they are sad to leave behind their friends and school and they are scared of starting a new school.  When I was growing up  I moved alot and went to several different schools.  Luckily by the time I was 8 or 9 we settled down in a small town and stayed there until I finished high school.  So I honestly can say I know how my kids feel with the fear of the unknown. 

It's going to be very difficult for us the next few months.  Mr. Amazing hit a little snafu at work and has to stay up here in New York until the end of the year and possibly the beginning of January.  We haven't worked out the details yet of how we will go back and forth visiting each other....But I have tried to keep telling myself that I need to pretend I am a miliary wife....They don't see there husbands for long periods of time because they are serving their country(mine is serving our great city of New York) and have no choice but to work, take care of the kids and house by themself. 

On another note I have alot to do the next few week trasitioning into our new digs.  Before we go I am going to have a pen pal party for my little social butterfly of a daughter next week.  I am trying to figure out what to get so they can make a little letter writing kit. I am open for

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