Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great coupons in the ALL YOU magazine this month

I must say I have been a subscriber to All You magazine since they launched a few years ago.  It is one of my favorite reads.  For those of you who don't already know...MY NAME IS JENNIFER AND I AM ADDICTED TO MAGAZINES. They are my crack so to speak!  When I opened up my magazine yesterday I could not believe the amount of really awesome coupons that were in this months issue. Plus there was a great article on how to slash your grocery bill.   The money you save from the coupons alone from this magazine are worth more than a year subscription.. I was so excited because I am really trying harder to save more money, create a stockpile, and spend less on groceries.  I think I an going to buy another issue of this months All You because of all the great coupons.

Here are just SOME of the coupons inside this month  there are plenty more:

Nature Made vitamins   $6.00/1 CoQ10
Nature Made vitamins   $4.00/1 Fish Oil
Nature Made vitamins   $3.00/1 Vitamin D
Nature Made vitamins   $3.00/1 any nature made vitamins
Colgate Wisp 4ct or higher   .75/1
Neutrogena Cosmetics    $3.00/1 any cosmetc
Quacker Instant Oatmeal    $1.00/1
Playtex tampons 18 ct  $3.00/2
Rimmel lipgloss or nailpolish  BOGO
Quaker Life Soft Baked Bars $1.00/1
Minute Rice  .55/1
Kikkoman product  .55/1
Eight O'clock coffee .75/1
Colgate Sensitive  $1.oo
Smithfield Bacon  .55/1
Halls cough drops  .50/1
KY couples or Intense  $4.00/1
KY any product  $2.00/1

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