Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our 15th Anniversary

In a few short weeks Mr. Amazing and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary.  Years ago said that on milestone anniversaries we would take a nice vacation.  We started on our 10th annivesary by going to an all inclusive kid free vacation to Mexico.  It was absolutely wonderful.  We really had such a relaxing and nice time with each other.  Although I did worry about our kids who were only 6 and 3.  Thank god for internet because I emailed home everyday.  From that very vacation we said we would do that every 5 years . I would love to go to Hawaii but I only want to go if we do it right......2 weeks and not having to worry about being cheap! 

This year we cancelled our vacation plans to have a nice party for Little Lucy's communion being that I am unemployed and doing both was not in the budget.  Who knew that 15 years later we would still be struggling financially.  We still have our health and dire love for each other and that is all that matters.  I wouldn't trade that for all the tea in China.   Instead of a lavish kid free vacation we are going to spend a night at the Great Wolf Lodge with our kids (it was a gift from the grandparents at Christmas time)

Although our vacation plans are scrapped, I still would like to get something special for Mr. Amazing but WHAT?   From what I have read it seems that crystal is the traditional thing to give for the 15th.   But what can you buy for a man that is crystal that is not so feminine?  Any ideas??  Mr. Amazing has no sentimental attachments to anything nor does he like to collect anything.  He is by far the hardest person on earth to shop for and he never ever wants anything.  If you have an idea or would like to comment please feel free


Kasey said...

Congrats on your upcoming anniversary! Crystal is hard. My husband and I try to go by tradition too but sometimes it feels like they are geared toward gifts for women! What if you got a crystal trinket box and put a gift inside? Maybe sports tickets or something. Just a thought!

Enjoy your trip to Great Wolf Lodge!

Momma B said...

Happy Anniversary, soon! I hope you really enjoy it! BTW, 15 years later, we are still struggling too! It isn't just you, trust me! :)

Crystal said...

Congrats on 15 years! Found you though my blog (We Aren't Perfect). One year I made my hubbie a collage. But instead of a bunch of random pics, I chose the ones of our kids that were closest in appearance to our own baby pics. All in all it was like 9 pictures. A few of us at different ages with them at the same stages. Put it in a sleek MANLY frame and he loved it.

Shawntae said...

Happy soon to be anniversary!! Cute blog I found you through another blog. Hope you had a good Memorial weekend!! Im also a new follower.

here is mine.